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Castle-Wizard Oct 22, 2013 @ 3:57pm
Game rebbots the computer
It is very interesting to see that it works much like the original Dungeon Keeper . I am sorry to say , that I could not get far in the training . After discovering the second room (large room) , the game simply just rebooted my computer .
Graphic card has just been updated a few days ago , and a few other minor things has also just been updated . There is one other game here on steam that does this . And as I did with that game , I will delete this game as well , until this has been fixed .
I have NO problem with other games on steam (except for a few buys where I forgot to use my eyes) , that are so old that they create blue screens on every use . Other than that , no problems with steam . It is the game .
A Game of Dwarves > General > Topic Details