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Mongolord Mar 24, 2013 @ 12:35pm
gotta say this is the most dead game i have ever played. tried to get on about 50 different times, and every time, every server is empty.
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CSX Apr 27, 2013 @ 10:30am 
I think this game needs a free weekend. I won it on steamgifts, I would really like to play it, but never found another player.
Millertime May 6, 2013 @ 5:31am 
It was a fun game while it lasted.. which sadly was only a few weeks. The devs made some poor choices about "balance" to respond to every critical post on the forums and ended up turning it in to a boring experience.
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Xerkis May 12, 2013 @ 4:54am 
One word would bring life back in to this game. . . . . Bots!

If there were Bots then a solo game would be fun and people would start to play solo. Having people play solo would then increase the odds of coming on and getting a game with multi-players. And that would get the ball rolling the in the right direction.

Simple in theory – but would take a bit of Dev time.
Devs didnt answer for light years:D
Zargothraxas May 14, 2013 @ 5:55pm 
I sad part was I REALLY enjoyed this game. If they could fix it up a bit, adjust the payment system and clean up the balance. It could be a successful F2P.
the game was really amazing..
DarkDoctorLaw May 27, 2013 @ 4:58pm 
Most dissappointing game ever. They should have single player for how dead the multiplayer is. Good thing I didn't buy it...
♠Werido♠ Jul 4, 2013 @ 9:56am 
Just let's reboot this game!
Originally posted by Werido:
Just let's reboot this game!

Bad games don't get reboots.
it wasnt was good only devs were bad..not trusted in their effort
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