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Infriga Feb 12, 2013 @ 8:53am
Steam starts Arkham City instead of GOTY
I purchased the base game for Arkham City a year or so ago. After playing the Harley Quinn DLC I decided that I wanted to have the Robin and Nightwing DLC. The only way to get it was to buy the GOTY version, which Steam sold me at a discount because I already owned some of the DLC it contained.

Not caring about my save, I deleted the Arkham City installation and downloaded the GOTY version. When I tried to launch the GOTY version, Steam wanted to start up the original Arkham City. Thinking maybe the GOTY launcher just activated the DLC on the original installation, I reinstalled the original Arkham City. Now I have both installed and can't access the GOTY content. Both the Arkham City and the GOTY version start the same installation, with the same save game, Riddler progress, and DLC unlocks, but the extra DLC that came with GOTY isn't available.

I tried using the GOTY code in the Windows Live launcher in the same way that is required to access the Harley Quinn DLC and it said the code is invalid. There are no individual keys for the Robin and Nightwing DLC.

Anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate it.
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Mercurica Feb 25, 2013 @ 8:40am 
Check launchers once again, probably both linked to original version. As far as i know original BAC and GOTY has different ID, Steam consider it as 2 different games. I installed GOTY few days ago at PC with vanilla BAC, both runs normal.
As suggestion uninstall both and install only GOTY (it includes main storyline). But if you need your saves/archivements i still don't know how to import it, i think info there's somewhere in treads.
Infriga Feb 25, 2013 @ 12:39pm 
Got it fixed. Had to remove both installations and redownload GOTY. Thanks for the feedback!
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