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cyberNAT 2013年1月31日 16時49分
Is Arkham CIty optimized for DX11?
I read the read me file which only says it is optimised for DX9c. It certainly plays better on DX9, can anyone give opinions on whether it looks better on DX11?
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VANDERSEXXX 2013年2月1日 23時41分 
You will barely notice any difference between DX9 and DX11, and it's still huge fps drop for me.
cyberNAT 2013年2月17日 3時08分 
Although there is a huge FPS drop on DX11 I was able to play through the entire game with settings maxed out and I didnt notice any FPS drops. I'm sure the FPS probably did bomb at times but I didnt notice it while playing
Player Review 2013年2月18日 2時29分 
Just change the config file manually to help the framerate issue (sometimes fixes completely)... that said, the tessellation with DX11 makes a significant difference imo.
Frogchop 2013年2月21日 20時22分 
It looks a bit better on DX-11 but not so different that you'd want to suffer with low frame rates.
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