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Foxiol Mar 21, 2013 @ 4:49am
Batman Arkham City GOTY...why?
Hi, well I´m going to say what happened. I bought B:AC, the non GOTY version, one month after release and it came out with B:AAsylum GOTY, so for me was a great deal and the Harley Queen´s Revenge DLC wasn´t even out yet of course.

Well, yesterday I decided to get the HQR DLC but I couldn´t buy it like any other DLC, Steam just offers B:AC GOTY like being an upgrade for your game because when you purchase it, it clearly says that "you have already these DLC´s" (the ones that came with the "regular" version) and it won´t install them.
Also the real price of it is 20,00€ more or less but since you have the game already it costs 7,13€. So Steam clearly "knows" that I have the game as usually.

Also I bought The Scorchers DLC for RAGE too and after pay it started to download and update my game. I waited till it ended and started with B:AC GOTY...

Literally instead of upgrade or update my version with the DLC, it just installed a 2nd version of B:AC but with the Harley Queen´s Revenge DLC of I downloaded a 19GB file for a DLC that lasted 3 hours...

The worst thing is that it didn´t recognize my previous saves in "the other game" (obvious) which I finished a long time ago but still I am collecting some stuff and making some challenges for the fun.

I was thinking in deleting the GOTY version because I don´t want to play the whole game again and as of now is a waste of HDD space since I have the other one even being more complete than the GOTY just doesn´t have the Harley Queen DLC.

What a waste, why they made this instead of give us the DLC as every other game does? could be just 2GB of DLC instead of having to install a whole game again, with my saves and all my progress in one unique game. Was that hard to make a simple patch?

Incredible, because this game is amazing in every aspect but I can´t believe that purchasing a simple DLC puts you in a weird situation...I even feel dumb to buy the same game twice.

I know this is not going to have a solution because it is an old game but still...others do better...RAGE with The Scorchers, Deus Ex HR with The Missing Link, etc...

Sorry TL,DR.
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bbstan Mar 21, 2013 @ 5:44pm 
Ik its weird but dlc is good. They should have made it better
Foxiol Mar 22, 2013 @ 2:49am 
Yeah, I am not sure about this but I think that at first when the DLC came out it was as it should be, but then they put the GOTY version with the whole game.

Still is weird that they don´t have a patch so you can download it alone or upgrade your game to a GOTY version like you can do with others.

I think I´ll be deleting it...but at the same time is sad because I like to have my games installed to play time to time, and mostly if they are full of content.

Since my other version has everything and my saves are advanced with the challenges and stuff...I prefer to have that version instead of the GOTY.

The game is cool enough to re-play it but still...too much time...I have more than 50 hours in the other.

I have to finish more than 12 games lol, can´t replay some for the sake of me haha.
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yeeyoh Mar 23, 2013 @ 9:51pm 
Hi, I would try finding your saves from your first installation of the game and moving them over to the newer (GOTYE) one. Of course back up any folders and files first. The saves are not in a very usual place. They are actually in a folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*long number\ you might be able to find the exact location searching on the web.
Also I wonder if you could have bought the DLC from a third party sight and just entered the key into your GFWL account. Even when buying the DLC from steam this was still necessary.
I must have got mine just under the wire... I picked the last of them (the DLCs) furring the Christmas sale....
Anyway good luck...
Foxiol Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:01am 
@yeeyoh, I´ll check that now, still I have the GOTY version installed with the regular but I am not sure if the GOTY version has all of the content since it said that it won´t have the other extras that my "regular" version has.
It can be a problem.

Still thanks anyways, I´ll try doing that with the game saves...I don´t care if I loose my saves from the GOTY since I´ll be probably deleting it after all.

For the regular version Steam created one folder called "batman2" and for the GOTY version it made one called "Batman Arkham City GOTY" Since each has a different register code I don´t think I can use the extras from the regular version in the GOTY.
I won´t have a "FULL" version of the game even if I can put my saves in the GOTY version.

Let´s see...
yeeyoh Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:03am 
Yeah.... just be sure to copy/back up anything you're going to mess with... I'd hate to have you yell out my name in rage !
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