KillerAtWar 2013年10月24日下午6:00
Retail Cd-keys
So after seeing some stuff on the forums about retail keys ie(The 5x5 serials not working)(xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx).
Also any 5x5 serial keys from GMG & any 5x5 serials keys.
Myself box retail version.
I decided to make a post if your`s works say yes if it dont say no.
I`m a no.
最后由 KillerAtWar 编辑于; 2013年10月24日下午9:06
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Strykker 2013年10月24日下午6:16 
another No here
Jinx 2013年10月24日下午6:23 
People should also put WHERE their key is from. In my case:

Green Man Gaming
RickM 2013年10月24日下午6:25 
No. Retail CD
john 2013年10月24日下午6:34 
nope retail. Emails support nothing useful from steam.
Ishan451 2013年10月24日下午6:48 

(German Retail from - Both AC and AA)
最后由 Ishan451 编辑于; 2013年10月25日上午6:48
ezodagrom 2013年10月24日下午9:26 
When it comes to Greenman Gaming, they're going to give us Steam keys.
Hey Guys,

Thanks for your patience on this, we're still working on getting the Steam keys for these titles.

Still working on it I'm afraid, can't give any set time but it shouldn't be too much longer.

Sorry about the delay.

最后由 ezodagrom 编辑于; 2013年10月24日下午9:26
Jinx 2013年10月24日下午11:27 
That's great. The thing is, after they do that, will the old retail keys still let someone else register a copy? That seems like the issue they would face.

I am wondering if part of the issue is that these were not meant to be Steam keys- therefore some might be duplicates of other Steam keys?

Anyway, hurray for GMG. They're pretty great guys.
JsNuke 2013年10月24日下午11:47 
Gamefly for both Arkham Asylum GOTY & Arkham City GOTY
No for both

EDIT: Holy strawberries Batman!!! My gamefly keys just activated.
最后由 JsNuke 编辑于; 2013年10月24日下午11:56
Joga 2013年10月25日上午12:38 
My Arkham City 5x5 key from Gamefly just activated! Though my Asylum key (also 5x5, but from Origin) is still not activating.
TurboTortoise 2013年10月25日上午12:47 
Retail CD - both arkham asylum and city not working
cr4p 2013年10月25日上午12:54 
MiKeYROG 2013年10月25日上午12:56 
Not working for me either.... BAC retail dvd
Kigami 2013年10月25日上午1:25 
B:AA (Retail): still No
B:AC (Retail): Yes
both german
最后由 Kigami 编辑于; 2013年10月29日下午1:34
Miggle 2013年10月25日上午1:38 
(German) Retail AA/AC: no
minus|ne™ 2013年10月25日上午1:43 
Arkaham Asylum from Gamefly activated. Arkham City retail still no.
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