Gale Erick 16 déc 2013 à 10h41
Snap Flash Trap help
Need some help here with a certain challenge.

Can anyone to me explain how exactly to do the Snap Flash Trap challenge in predator map as Robin ? It's said that I need to stun a henchman, plant the snap flash, then let the explosion knockdown a different henchman than the one I planted the Snap Flash on.

What does the stun means exactly ? I've tried the Ultra Stun on a henchman, he fell on the ground, I plant the Snap Flash, get away, he get back up, then when he met another henchman I explode it and yet it doesn't register. I tried the normal stun and still no go, also tried using different moves such as drop attack or glide kick to stun the henchman and it still doesn't register.

Is the challenge bugged or am I not performing the move correctly ?
Any help will be appreciated.
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Mr.2k9 16 déc 2013 à 17h46 
its means you implement snap flash on thug A then let Thugs B get close to Thug A and detonate the Snap flash so that both thug A and B will go down dizzy. here a sample vid by GOD of Batman Arkham series...
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