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How To Get Fame Fast
by Alexandre02a
This Is a Guide To help you get Fame to feed your pets, Buy stuff in the Mystery Box, Make a Guild or go to the Arena. This is done extremely fast and its not cheating__100% LEGAL to do this....
How to gain hate in ROTMG
by Deusexhuma
Certain Gods Drop Certain Potions
by Яeversed
I will be listing potions that can be farmed by Certain Gods. Please like and enjoy! So if you're looking for certain pots, I hope this guide tells you what Gods to hunt for :) Please rate me up and have fun maxing your character(s) ! :)...
Entering the castle God Oryx.
by French Fish
When you enter the castle stand behind one of the boxes to gain XP without dying, when all Go straight advance also, by the time you're fighting Oryx dodge all, or try to dodge the attacks, Oryx is very strong when you run defeat for the purse and see if ...
Easy Way To Get Pots On Rotmg
by Brownie
This is a very effective way of pot farming mainly for dex pots but it is easy no good armor required....
Character stats explained
There is about 33 guides, and none of them had described such basics. So now its fixed :D...
Realm of the Mad God Skins
by Alpha
A short guide telling what a skin is, how to obtain them and a list of available skins. Don't forget to rate + comment!...
Rawkie's Ultimate Realm of the Mad God Guide
by Rawkie ♪
Realm of the Mad God guide that offers gameplay tips, methods and opinions. Mostly aimed towards people who already know how the game works and want to know the ins and outs about it....
Beginner's guide to Realm
by I'm dead!
This is a guide on a few dungeons and places. Difficulty is told, so is the preferred class....
Comprehensive priests guide to priesthood
by ThatHulaGirl
A priests guide to life....
Not a helpful ROTMG guide
by Deusexhuma
Simple guide how to play rotmg: 1. Dodge bullets; 2. Don't die; 3. Gather items and potions. After following theese instructions you will become unstopable. And thank you for not reading this not helpful guide of ROTMG...
How to play ROTMG successfully
by Pinkbeard
Hello, In this guide I will teach you how to successfully defeat Oryx and his minions....
Fame Farming Tutorial.
by Oo Space ByrD
Want to know how to easily get fame and get those nice little stars? Read here and this will answer all your questions....
Primeros pasos [Español]
by Furiduri
Espero les ayude. *Las imagenes (de apoyo) pronto se pondran. *Si deseas algun tema en particular porfabor de mencionarlo en los comentarios o enviame un mensje....
About selling items/Getting Gold!
by Butter llwo
Okay by now you are wondering, "can i sell these items i just picked up" or "how can i get gold to buy these awesome items i´m seeing right now". 1 - Items: "You can't SELL your items, per se, but rather trade them with other players for items your c...
Ultimate survival: A guide on how to not lose your head.
by The Stinky Washing Machine
Hey there rookie! Do you die often in Realm Of The Mad God? Well, read this guide then, mate! These are 5 ways to maximise or at least increase your Realm Of Survivabilty!...
by Shablo
A basic run down of pets in RotMG....
Using Flash Projector to Play RotMG
by InsaneFirebat
As an alternative to using a web browser or the Steam client, you can use the stand-alone version of Adobe Flash Player to play Realm of the Mad God. This guide will walk you through the process of setting it up....
The Ideal Wizard
by [Techno] Kovos
This is the simple, basic guide to an ideal wizard. I'm not here to tell you how to max your character; rather, I want to teach you how to use your wizard effectively. Hope you all enjoy....
A comprehensive guide to almost everything RotMG
by Rook
This game's tough, and you might want a small guide full of tips to get you started. This is a small guide full of tips....
The Idiot's Guide To Wizard
by Nhero Arconix
How to play wizard, the easy and simple way. (I STRIKE BACK)...
RotMG: A guide for pot farming in the Godlands
by Darqness
For those who are struggling to survive in the godlands, want a good way to gain wealth, or just want to brush up on their godlands knowledge....
by Lord Crucius ♛
Diese Gruppe ist für die DKC fans...
A noobs guide to ROTMG
by [Cryostylane] Sir Stabby
A basic guide for new players to ROTMG, with some starting tips and stratergys. If you need any help ask me in the comments, and my ROTMG name is RoboJack, I will team with you if you ask me....
Walkthrough by CaperAdventures
by CaperAdventures
Hello, guys. I made a walkthrough video about the game.
Gameplay by CaperAdventures
by CaperAdventures
Hey, guys! I made a video about that game. It's a gameplay that show a lot of things. Feel free to check it out.
Basic Tips and Tricks for Being a Rogue
by Ink Ninja
Learn basic battle techniques to help make you an awesome rogue....
Tips & Tricks that are "Off the beaten path"
by pollution_skunk
Just a quick, small guide dedicated to spreading some essential gameplay elements that tend to get dismissed by players....
Paladin guide
by Medicine Melancholy
I first turned down the palain because it didnt have a def bonus on its seals. But when i play as him again he is not half bad, actually he is the best melee class. Now i make a guide for player who want to adventure further as a paladin....
Paragon's Pocket Pamphlet to Playing Paladin
by Dther99
A very basic guide on how to play paladin effectively....
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