WhippinBanshee 2012年10月6日下午10:44
New peoples
Any new players who could use some help just let me know
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Josh Slurpslurpslurp 2012年10月7日上午11:39 
i could use a lot of help
Talking_Dog 2012年10月7日下午3:16 
I need weapons and stuff
WhippinBanshee 2012年10月7日下午6:24 
this is help not giving away things there's a diffrence
Jimbles Notronbo 2012年10月8日下午4:56 
When I try to register to play on other websites, when i click continue, nothing happens, same with cancel, help?
WhippinBanshee 2012年10月8日下午5:12 
I used to be connected too but the new update destroyed my links i'll look at it the link might just be glitched for some people right now
Mark Chang 2012年10月12日上午10:15 
help pls
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