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bobbybasketball1999 2013年3月5日 17時41分
Buying items
So I recently died on an awesome knight, so I'm going to sell Dota 2 gifts for items in RotMG. Please reply if interested. I would like at least a def pot for each or more. I'm not sure what would be fair, so trade me any day! I will be on for trading on USSouth. My username is TimSorcerr, and trade me as TimSorcerer on steam. Come online tommorrow if interested!
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InsaneFirebat 2013年3月6日 5時33分 
Anyone who trades on Steam should have their backpack set to public view. Please change this so we can see what items you have to offer.
bobbybasketball1999 2013年3月6日 12時48分 
oh right but im not sure haw it do that. do you think you can tell me how to make it public?
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