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✪ Lordswaggy 5 mar 2013, ore 16:50
Need some tips for huntress.
I have a huntress class and want to develope it into a fun and "overpowered" character. any huntress vets out there wanna help? also what gear do you reccomend?
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Uncle Fernan 5 mar 2013, ore 17:49 
With the huntress, make sure to have a 3-shot bow to kill gods within a wide radius. The trap is VERY useful for slowing/paralyzing enemies. It's good to have armor with the highest defense. I prefer the griffon hide over hydra because of the price for each and the small difference. Use a defense ring to make sure you can take a few hits before nexusing, or ring pop for the speed and vitality. Hope this helps!
But if you can afford cbow buy that when your maxed before a triple shot bow,
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