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Beastboy 2013年3月4日 20時44分
Losing All Progress???
There's a warning when trying to Replace your account with your Kongregate one, Why do you have to lose all you're stuff? I came on Steam to play because of Kongregate's lag, But that means I'll have to lose everything? Why?
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InsaneFirebat 2013年3月4日 22時44分 
If you're replacing your steam account, you will only lose progress on the steam account. Its bugged to not know the difference between steam/kongregate, so it gives your the warning for a kong user.

I'm assuming you have a kongregate account that is registered to an email address, and that you want to make that your steam account as well. If this is the case, just log onto steam and use the replace account feature. Ignore the warning about losing progress on kongregate (it doesn't realize you're on steam), and type in the email and password of your kongregate account. Note that this will erase your steam account.
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