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RomanCenturion 2012年12月3日 14時13分
How to i buy suff in game?
I put money onto my steam walet then treid to buy gold and it always freezesany help? i have ten dollars on my steam wallet and im tryting to buy 10 dollars worth of gold
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IAwesomeGuyI 2012年12月5日 6時17分 
You cant-its a bug.Log in to your account from browser version(you can replace your account from steam),buy from there,then log in from steam,enjoy your gold.
RomanCenturion 2012年12月5日 13時09分 
oh thanks :)
SoloQQ 2012年12月6日 12時16分 
WHich sucks if your cash is all on steam
RomanCenturion 2012年12月6日 13時01分 
yeah i cant buy anythign cuase im not gonna do paypal
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