FoxSaysHaii Apr 23 @ 3:34pm
What should i do? how can i advance?
I'm playing archer having T6 bow&armor and T2 quiver&ring and i don't know what should i do, how to get better stuff... All i do is killing random mobs and doing giant boss quest when it's on i can't do any harder bosses cause they are too strong and i can't seem to find any better weapon or anything! Is there a mob i should farm, or try to do some cave and which one?
Please give advice, thanks.
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InsaneFirebat Apr 23 @ 3:39pm 
Find the cluster of players near the center of the map. The area with the grey tileset and powerful gods is where you'll find the next few tiers of gear. When you're comfortable in the godlands, you should start collecting stat potions to max your characters stats.
FoxSaysHaii Apr 23 @ 3:43pm 
But it's so dangerous in there... get shot like 5 times and i die...
I guess that's the only way though... thank you
InsaneFirebat Apr 23 @ 3:47pm 
Learning the godlands can be a big step. I practiced by jumping straight to the godlands on level 1 warriors and used the speed boost from the helmet to dodge attacks. I didn't bother shooting at anything and instead just followed others and paid much attention to the attack patterns of the gods. Eventually, I became skilled enough to get those warriors to level 20 without dying or equipping any gear. It will take some time and there will probably be a lot of pitiful deaths to discourage you. Learn from those mistakes and keep at it.
FoxSaysHaii Apr 23 @ 3:52pm 
wow thanks for advice, i really didn't know that's possible!
FoxSaysHaii Apr 23 @ 3:58pm 
I just tried and i got 10 fame before having to panic R :D
thanks a lot dude, hoping on finding some loot now ^^
FoxSaysHaii Apr 23 @ 4:05pm 
And i died in some pirate cave :D
andychow123 Apr 23 @ 5:26pm 
if you have another character slot, use it to get pots and save them for your main account. I know it's hard and time consuming. Trying farming pots with a priest account if you have the slot for it.
Swaggy Apr 23 @ 11:59pm 
pirate cave op
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