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Realm of the Mad God Change List and new Support Link
Hello everyone,

Additional Game Changes:
- Added US West 3 server
- Increased memory capacity on servers to help performance.
- Added Bella boss fight
- Added New Items for Bella Battle
- Added New Skins for Bella Battle
- Added new Secret Content for Player Appreciation Event
- New temp Support ticketing system
- Security Login Modal and Password Reset modal. Not too exciting but necessary

The bulk of the effort over the last two weeks was spent on a number of fixes that were required, and are not really visible on the surface. We will not be going into detail on any of these changes for obvious reasons.


If you are having issues with:
- Password reset emails
- Login problems
- Accounts that have been vandalized
- Problems on other portals (Steam,, Kongregate, Google Play)

Please contact support here[]
Date Posted: Feb 20, 2014 @ 4:43pm
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