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BirdsNBees 2013. jan. 30. @ du. 4:50
Cannot see the worms model
Has anyone got this problem: I cannot render the models of the worms, in the main menu and in the game too even if I lower the graphic to the minimum
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Bethany  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 31. @ de. 4:18 

Sorry to hear you're encountering issues with the game.

Can you please run through our troubleshooting guide (particularly the sections about updating graphic card drivers etc.), found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/200170/discussions/0/864948299982609117/. If those steps do not help then you'll find the contact details of our support team at the bottom of that post.

Thank you!
BirdsNBees 2013. jan. 31. @ de. 9:36 
turns out my graphic is under the minimum requirement
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