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Bethamari 2012年12月17日上午4:11
Patch Available 17/12/2012
Updates to Worms Revolution have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features:
  • Bigger Formation Sizes! You can now have up to 8 worms on a team at once in local and online matches. In 2 player matches, players can have up to 8 worms each; in 3 player matches, players can have up to 5 worms each, and in 4 player matches, players can have up to 4 worms each.
  • Accessorise! Worms can now wear up to 3 accessories at once. These are grouped into: Glasses, Moustaches and Hats.
  • More Customisation. You can now customise your game settings with new options - You can change the Hot Seat time, water rise rate in Sudden Death mode and amount of Jetpack fuel, as well as making the landscape indestructible in the Game Options menu. You can also change the maximum number of crates spawned per turn in the Object Options menu when creating game settings.
  • Landscape Editor Improvements. Players can now modify up to 3 different background layers on the Landscape Editor. When using the Brush or Fill tool, press 'B' to cycle through the different layers.
  • Physics objects now have the chance to start matches with differing amounts of damage.
Bug fixes:
  • The parachute should now be more intelligent when deciding when to close.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur the very first time you loaded Worms Revolution if you didn't have a save file present.
  • Fixed some keyboard navigation issues on the Landscape Editor.
  • Fixed some keyboard navigation issues on the Search Results menu.

    This will update your game to show the version number as #101 in the Main Menu. This patch is 207.1MB.

    (Previous patch details: http://steamcommunity.com/app/200170/discussions/0/864951657849698829/)
最后由 Bethamari 编辑于; 2012年12月17日上午4:13
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DosBoss 2012年12月17日上午4:17 
Sounds great, keep it up :D
Phobos 2012年12月17日上午4:47 
Awesome update!!! Thank you very, very, much, Bethany! :D
You can now have up to 8 worms on a team at once in local and online matches.
From my review :) Heck yeah, real battlefied is on
Clement 2012年12月17日上午4:55 
Yeah !!! Really awesome :)
BLÀde 2012年12月17日上午5:37 
wow nearly everything i asked for was added!
Shota (已封禁) 2012年12月17日上午7:49 
Cool... just got this game yesterday and loving it. Feel free to add me guys, lets have a game! :)
RoH 2012年12月17日上午7:56 
Very nice, thanks Team17!
craghak 2012年12月17日上午8:48 
nice !
lack just the bow weapon, the Gambling machine and the training missions (like shotgun mission; bazooka training, great sheep training, etc ...) and that will be perfect ;)
Ciel 2012年12月17日上午8:53 
Bethamari 2012年12月17日上午8:57 
引用自 Linc
Are you adding the ability to edit and change the coin cost of items from the store in the scheme settings? For example, in our scheme we would prefer to lower the cost of certain items such as dynamite and raise the price of others such as the sentry gun by approx ten coins. Thanks.
Hi Linc, I edited your post slightly as you said 'still' and this isn't something we've said we're having. However, this may be something we look at revising or changing in future so thank you for your feedback :)
Jayombi 2012年12月17日上午9:14 
Sweet going, thanks - HAIL TO THE WORM !
[FEZ] Thurbo 2012年12月17日上午9:34 
Love the new customisation options - keep it up and happy holidays in case they already started for you ;-)

引用自 Linc

I believe it was mentioned on the Team17 forums during the beta testing.

I don't think it was, or at least I haven't seen it.

引用自 Linc
Also, is there a reason why my name doesnt appear in the credits? I was a registered beta tester, infact the beta is still in my games library...

You needed to apply for it in the forum. You still can, actually, but I don't know if they are still adding names.
最后由 [FEZ] Thurbo 编辑于; 2012年12月17日上午9:37
Aio 2012年12月17日上午9:58 
wow! very nice team17. u guys rly showed u can do something rly nice
Aio 2012年12月17日上午10:16 
and im really happy cause team17 listen to fans
eram 2012年12月17日下午12:18 
Awesome update. :)
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