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kiwi 2013年2月17日 22時14分
custom weapon mods
Hey I just got into the steam community and noticed tfc which i used to play ALOT many a year ago, i used to love getting custom weapon and player mods for the game but i noticed that in the tfc steam folder it doesnt have the standard weapon or player model folders, can you download these with the steam version?
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Sandman[SA] 2013年2月19日 19時12分 
You can switch between the old and new models. In the load screen menu, select options. In the multiplayer tab, select advanced. You should see a box labled TFC models. Just select which ones you want with the drop down menu.
kiwi 2013年2月19日 21時42分 
Yea i know that but i used to donload fan made weapon and player models and you would place them in the player/weapon model folders but they dont appear to be in the steam tfc files like they would the old tfc files but thnx for comment
McSwifty 2013年2月23日 8時40分 
The folders don't exist by default in the Steam version, however, you just need to create them yourself. Just create a new folder titled "models" in your TFC directory, place your custom weapon files inside (NOT in a "player" sub-folder), and the game should detect the new models just fine.

Note, this also works for maps, sounds, sprites, etc, as well.
最近の変更はMcSwiftyが行いました; 2013年2月23日 8時41分
kiwi 2013年2月23日 20時11分 
cheers will try now :D
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