Why do people use grenades in situations where a grenade isn't necessary?
I notice that grenades are abused in this game, and people constantly spam the heck out of them, but why?

I was just playing Team Fortress Classic as scout, and a pyro sets me on fire with his incendiary cannon. I did not escape with the flag or anything, I did not go into spiral, and he finishes me off with a grenade. I got an engineer that went near me at point blank range while I was feigned as a spy to throw a grenade at me.

Why? Why couldn't that pyro save a grenade and finish me off with his rocket launcher? Why couldn't the engineer that saw me feigned just get on top of me and finish me off with his wrench? Why did they have to be with the use of grenades? There are situations where grenades are necessary, but you have about 10178917017817 people acting like grenades are their only weapon.
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Posivated May 24 @ 4:11pm 
lol, 10178917017817 I would say is a bit exaggerated, more like 20 :P . People have been spamming nades in TFC since TFC came into existence, most people die very often so holding onto nades is kind of pointless.
generic man Jun 8 @ 1:53am 
yeah, thats why i really hate alot of engies, medics, and scouts when defending the flag as an engie in 2fort
and dustbowl
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I think because they're new.
Littlefoot (Bday the 25th) Jul 13 @ 12:47pm 
Because they think grenades are the only way to have a chance at killing people in this game?
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