viro5000 Dec 22, 2013 @ 1:42pm
Thinking about picking up at least the original trilogy.
Thinking about getting the first prince of persia trilogy on here, if not them all. (not likely though) I have only played WW and beat it surprisly with my game skill. lol (Not best ending though) Would it be worth it to get the originals or do they still hold up today?

Played a little of the reboot but it was just too....well easy for one but that is not what kills it for me, it seems like you do a routine for each part, does not differ enough. No idea about forgotten sands....

In assassins creed games my favorite part was the temples/tombs because of the platforming.

Anyways posted on this bored because it being the most active.....i mayt pick them all up just for being $5 each but not sure yet, just forcused on the main 3 at the moment.