G. S. Mar 18 @ 3:56pm
Windows 7?
Hi, is this game compatible with windows 7 (and 8)? Thanks
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Sladewins Mar 18 @ 7:04pm 
Would like to know as well! Anyone use a controller with it?
Ozena Mar 18 @ 10:31pm 
I'm hoping i could get these working on Win 7 also. It DOES work with a 360 wired controller or something like the Razer ONZA. But yea need a confirmation on the Win 7.
Rapture Mar 19 @ 2:08am 
Runs on Windows 8.1 64 .... no problems great game playing with PC 360 controller big open world.
Secret Agent Man Mar 19 @ 4:00am 
I own a disc version of this game, I can say it works on Win7
G. S. Mar 19 @ 4:11am 
Ok, thank you very much. I think I´ll give it a try!
Da Hui Mar 19 @ 4:34am 
works well on windows 7 sp1 64 bit and wireless xbox 360 controller
G. S. Mar 19 @ 5:04am 
Good to know. Thanks
CaptStix129 Mar 19 @ 5:39am 
Works on Windows 8.1 (64-bit). The only downside is you have to hold down the Print Scrn button on the Loading screen (tip from another thread here) after you start a New game or Load from save. Ending the game and going back to the Main Menu freezes also but I just bring up Task Mgr and end the Game process.
Sladewins Mar 19 @ 9:02pm 
Thanks guys!
Jacob Mar 19 @ 11:56pm 
working well on windows 8 with PS3 controller and everything is silky smooth
Salomaa Mar 20 @ 5:28am 
Loading isseus. Sound doesnt work. Cant save a game, so I didnt get to try to load. Tried to quit to main menu freezed my computer. Verdict is that (for me) on an Alienware 18, windows 8... this game doesnt work... waste of money... really too bad!
CoreSnowMen Mar 20 @ 7:18pm 
I have it on a windows 8 computer & 7 and i do not have any problem except that it freeze if I am going to my windows screen multiple time, if I am not doing it everything work really fine.
Big_Fish Mar 23 @ 8:13am 
No problem for me with Windows 7 64 bit version.
Dark Lord Mar 23 @ 10:24am 
Yes, i got it this today and i playing now, i liked this game, recommended.
Kargor Mar 23 @ 3:27pm 
Well, I'm a good deal into the game by now (have 3 of the 4 powers, but a lot of grounds are still missing, of course). So far, I had 3 random crashes that weren't reproducable -- but since I save every now and then anyway, and more often since the first crash, that wasn't much of an issue.

Using Win7 too.
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