Veleskola Dec 1, 2012 @ 8:47am
Don't waste your money
1. It's incomplete, and most likely will never be complete.
2. The game is broken. It's a very poor attempt to make a platformer with "physics"
3. It has fall damage. A platformer has fall damage.
4. It's hard, but not in the Ninja Gaiden hard sense. It's hard in the "this game wasn't programmed correctly" sense.
5. The characters are bland and the story is non existant.
6. It's very cheap but you'd have more fun if you took that money and bought yourself an ice cream sandwich.
7. Last of all, it's just not fun. Of course that's my opinion but I share it with a lot of other people.

Guys, please, use your money on a game that's complete and not broken. Buy binding of issac or Zeno clash. Both of those are pretty cheap and totally worth your time.