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Face of Happiness 2012年11月15日 19時31分
Reinstallation Issues...
So a couple months ago, I uninstalled SFM because I didn't use it much and it was kinda slowing down my computer. Well now I want to reinstall it since I have more time for it, but when I go to do so, a box comes up simply saying "preparing to launch..." but it never does. Now, I have already figured out that I have idiotically uninstalled it wrong and that Steam still thinks I have it downloaded. Can someone please clearly explain how to solve this problem so I can use SFM again?
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R234 2012年11月17日 15時19分 
Right click SFM and select "Delete Local Content..." it should uninstall it correctly and allow you to redownload it normally. You'll have to get it back from the store page for that.
Face of Happiness 2012年11月20日 19時16分 
Alright thanks!!
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