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guyyst 2012年11月15日 10時10分
SFM - Kringle Collection
Always when i use the Kringle Collection it is shiny as hell, and i don´t know how to make it darker.
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PalmliX 2012年11月15日 10時56分 
The All-Father model will work if you comment out "$detailblendmode" in the xms_allclass_beard.vmt

The Kringle Collection Needs "$detailblendmode" commented out and you need to set $colortint_tmp [0 0 0] or else you will get some wicked glow on the collar. The vmt needs to be changed for blue as well. The Kringle Collection vmt is xms_snowcoat.vmt, and xms_snowcoat_blue.vmt
guyyst 2012年11月15日 11時15分 
It worked after i set the "$colortint_tmp" to "[0 0 0]". But what did you mean with the $detailblendmode"? For me it says: "$detailblendmode" 6
Should i change the value there?
PalmliX 2012年11月15日 11時45分 
Basically just delete that line, or 'comment it out' whatever that means. I know it means to do something to the line that renders it non-functional but still leaves it in the file.
Pte Jack 2012年11月16日 22時47分 
Commenting out a line mean placing the ' character before the entry you want commented out. As the script is read and the processing program encounters the ' character it skips the line from that character to the next line feed, then continues reading from there.


Pretend this is a program line with some code in it and the processor is eating it up [LineFeed]
this is still the code ' <--- but I don't read anything on this side of the comment character [LF]
i start reading on the line after the word code above
' <-- but I don't read anything on this line because it has been commented out
' dag commented out so I don't read this line either
But I can continue here

end of example
PalmliX 2012年11月16日 23時23分 
Thanks so much that's great to know!
guyyst 2012年11月17日 10時42分 
Could you also just place a // in front of the line?
Pte Jack 2012年11月17日 13時43分 
True T.QPAD, there are various ways of commenting out a line. It depends on what program is reading the script. Double slashes // , slash askerics /*, single quote ', are a few of the many options. The only way to be sure you are actually commenting out a line or adding to a scripting read problem is to read the documentation of the program reading the script and ensure you are using the correct character methods.
Pte Jack 2012年11月25日 17時31分 
Follow up, these are the allowed commenting character in Valve files...

Comments can be lines starting with //, # or ;, or blocks contained between /* and */
Luigi Medic 4月30日 17時46分 
Where is $Detailblendmode? All I have is $detailblendfactor
最近の変更はLuigi Medicが行いました; 4月30日 17時46分
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