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guyyst | 15 nov 2012 om 10:10vm
SFM - Kringle Collection
Always when i use the Kringle Collection it is shiny as hell, and i don´t know how to make it darker.
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PalmliX 15 nov 2012 om 10:56vm 
The All-Father model will work if you comment out "$detailblendmode" in the xms_allclass_beard.vmt

The Kringle Collection Needs "$detailblendmode" commented out and you need to set $colortint_tmp [0 0 0] or else you will get some wicked glow on the collar. The vmt needs to be changed for blue as well. The Kringle Collection vmt is xms_snowcoat.vmt, and xms_snowcoat_blue.vmt
guyyst | 15 nov 2012 om 11:15vm 
It worked after i set the "$colortint_tmp" to "[0 0 0]". But what did you mean with the $detailblendmode"? For me it says: "$detailblendmode" 6
Should i change the value there?
PalmliX 15 nov 2012 om 11:45vm 
Basically just delete that line, or 'comment it out' whatever that means. I know it means to do something to the line that renders it non-functional but still leaves it in the file.
Pte Jack 16 nov 2012 om 10:47nm 
Commenting out a line mean placing the ' character before the entry you want commented out. As the script is read and the processing program encounters the ' character it skips the line from that character to the next line feed, then continues reading from there.


Pretend this is a program line with some code in it and the processor is eating it up [LineFeed]
this is still the code ' <--- but I don't read anything on this side of the comment character [LF]
i start reading on the line after the word code above
' <-- but I don't read anything on this line because it has been commented out
' dag commented out so I don't read this line either
But I can continue here

end of example
PalmliX 16 nov 2012 om 11:23nm 
Thanks so much that's great to know!
guyyst | 17 nov 2012 om 10:42vm 
Could you also just place a // in front of the line?
Pte Jack 17 nov 2012 om 1:43nm 
True T.QPAD, there are various ways of commenting out a line. It depends on what program is reading the script. Double slashes // , slash askerics /*, single quote ', are a few of the many options. The only way to be sure you are actually commenting out a line or adding to a scripting read problem is to read the documentation of the program reading the script and ensure you are using the correct character methods.
Pte Jack 25 nov 2012 om 5:31nm 
Follow up, these are the allowed commenting character in Valve files...

Comments can be lines starting with //, # or ;, or blocks contained between /* and */
Cap 30 apr 2014 om 5:46nm 
Where is $Detailblendmode? All I have is $detailblendfactor
Laatst bewerkt door Cap; 30 apr 2014 om 5:46nm
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