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Madness-Pie-King 2012年11月15日上午7:13
How do i get HDR on the maps?
I can't load the tf2 maps because it says that i need to make them HDR but when i try to load them into hammer it crashes. Someone please help me?
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PalmliX 2012年11月15日上午8:09 
All the TF2 maps that come with SFM have HDR, are you trying to load some custom maps or something?
Madness-Pie-King 2012年11月15日上午8:48 
no but i read what it stood again and it said that HDR was disabled and i needed to use vrad or the hammer tool to get HDR for the map
PalmliX 2012年11月15日上午9:03 
What are your system specs?
Madness-Pie-King 2012年11月15日上午9:07 
4 GB RAM and Intel pentium 4 3.20GHz
PalmliX 2012年11月15日上午9:11 
video card?
Survival- Team"z 2012年11月15日上午10:50 
Ya des Céfran la ?
Pte Jack 2012年11月16日下午11:00 
Some of the earlier maps and most of the Custom Maps (ie Snipers Ridge, sn_2 Fort, etc) were created without HDR. I am in the process of trying to convert some CS:S maps and have found that they weren't created with HDR. There is a big learning curve on decompiling, editing and recompiling maps so that they use HDR.
Jimmer Linds has a YouTube Tip of the Day on converting HL2 Maps so that they use HDR. I believe it is TOD #10.
Pte Jack 2012年11月19日下午2:57 
STBlackST 2012年11月24日下午12:01 
just re-compile map with HDR
Madness-Pie-King 2012年11月24日下午12:08 
Pte Jack 2012年11月24日下午9:07 
Watch the Tutorial
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