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Encerak+ :^) 12 nov 2012 om 7:25nm
Slow in SFM
It is running VERY slow, is there graphic settings I can change, or anything to speed er' up?
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Encerak+ :^) 13 nov 2012 om 5:41vm 
Like, make the grpahic quality lower?
Imperial Guardsman 13 nov 2012 om 3:26nm 
Your computer may not be up to the minimum requirements?
SFM automatically uses TF2 at it's highest quality, if not higher.
Has SFM run smoothly for you before?
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Encerak+ :^) 13 nov 2012 om 6:04nm 
No, I just want the graphics lowered.
If I lower my grpahics on TF2 will it do the same for the SFM?
Would making it 12 frames or something help to?
R234 14 nov 2012 om 3:53vm 
Right-click on a viewport and go in render settings. Deactivate AO. It'll run much faster that way.
Encerak+ :^) 14 nov 2012 om 5:12nm 
It still has ALOT of lag, the grpahics should be able to be lowered, is this possiable?
R234 14 nov 2012 om 6:45nm 
I don't think HWM models have lower LODs, since they're meant to look good at any distance. Your computer is likely not powerful enough. CG movie editing takes a strong machine, after all. And to answer your previous question, no, lowering TF2's graphics will not affect SFM, they aren't linked in any way.
Encerak+ :^) 14 nov 2012 om 7:12nm 
So, is there a way to make it run faster?
R234 14 nov 2012 om 7:54nm 
What are your system specs? If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements, there's no miracle solution...
Encerak+ :^) 14 nov 2012 om 8:19nm 
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ MMX, 3DNOW
Graphics: GeForce 6150 LE
RAM Currently: 1.98
Anything else?
R234 14 nov 2012 om 9:27nm 
Oh, your graphics card is really old. Integrated too, if I'm not mistaken, which is not a good thing. The processor would have to be at least dual core, too. Plus you're on the very limit RAM wise. Sorry to tell you this, but I believe you're asking a bit much of your computer if you try to run SFM on it.
Encerak+ :^) 15 nov 2012 om 6:00vm 
:( I wanted to make movies...
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