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Red Zero X 2012年10月31日 0時27分
How to put reskin files into SFM withought reskining anything?
Pleas, can someone help me? I don't care how, but I want to put a reskin for a model withought reskining anything.
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PalmliX 2012年10月31日 13時15分 
You mean have the re-skinned model be a separate model? Why not just create a directory in the game folder called misc or something, copy the model plus re-skinned textures into it, and then add it to gameinfo.txt like loading any other source game into SFM.
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Red Zero X 2012年11月1日 3時40分 
I don't get it. Can someone create a video or something showing how to do it?
R234 2012年11月5日 17時04分 
If you mean overriding textures without actually replacing them, you can do that by putting it in usermod with the same filepath. For instance, if you have a replacement for the Sniper's BLU team clothing, put it in usermod/materials/models/player/sniper, and be sure to call it sfm_sniper_blue.vtf. Once you don't need it anymore, simply delete it or move it somewhere else, and the normal texture will be back on the BLU Sniper.

If that's not what you meant, please be more specific.
Red Zero X 2012年11月6日 6時46分 
That would be good, but if I'm going to need both at the same time, like in the same video or picture, I want it to be a separate model, my problem is that I downloaded 12 reskins (models that reskin the ones that are already in game), 6 prototype items (proto), 5 millenium items (millenium) and 1 pet Imp (Imp), renamed them and put them into tf_movies and only the pet Imp worked, others were there, but they were invisible, what should I do to get them working withought replacing anything?
R234 2012年11月6日 14時18分 
I would recommend putting replacement textures in usermod instead of tf_movies, to keep better track of what you added yourself and not mistakenly replace anything important. As far as using multiple skins go, some models have a few skins built into them, so if for instance you need to have the RED Soldier, the BLU one and one custom one, say a green Soldier, you could always override the soldier_blue_blood skin. If however you need more skins than are built into the models, you unfortunately DO need a different model, as adding skins in already made ones is impossible without recompiling it.
Red Zero X 2012年11月7日 7時57分 
Didn't you read my last post, I said withought replacing anything, I want the reskins to be a seperate model, I want to find a way to put them in withought replacing anything.
R234 2012年11月7日 14時02分 
And I was just pointing out an easier way to achieve just that without the need for a separate model file, which as I said at the end, you can't do without downloading one or otherwise recompiling an existing model. If it's still what you want to do though, don't forget, Google's you friend.
Red Zero X 2012年11月8日 9時04分 
Ok, I'm officialy confused, what to do, how to do, can someone make a video or a detail instruction on how to do it?
Red Zero X 2012年11月10日 3時01分 
Comon, I realy need help.
R234 2012年11月10日 17時28分 
I guess I don't exactly understand what you're trying to do then, can you give me a concrete example? Like which model(s) do you want different skins for?
Red Zero X 2012年11月10日 21時44分 
I don't want different skins, I want the reskins to be a different model, so that they wouldn't reskin anything.
Red Zero X 2012年11月14日 9時49分 
Can you pleas stop ignoring this question and help me?
R234 2012年11月14日 19時02分 
Like I said: if you want a separate model, you'll need to recompile it with different skin definitions, so that it will point to your new skins. You'll either have to look up how to do that yourself (as I haven't got a clue myself I'm afraid, perhaps someone could help?), or find one somebody else did. I'm however going to once again suggest you'd go the simple route and override unneeded skins on the original models. Believe me, for what you're trying to achieve, it's much less of a hassle.
Red Zero X 2012年11月16日 22時31分 
And how do I override unneeded skins on the original models?
Red Zero X 2012年11月17日 10時50分 
How do I recompile a model with different skin definitions, so that it will point to your new skins, or route and override unneeded skins on the original models?
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