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7`ElEVEN 2012年10月28日 12時34分
How to get new zombie skins from Tf2
I tried and failed :( now I need Yer Help!
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Aldo the Apache 2012年10月28日 13時03分 
7`ElEVEN 2012年10月28日 15時15分 
I managed to extract the some zombie files from tf2 materials but they are purple when I open them in SFM. What must I do now?!?!
King Supa Dupa 2012年10月28日 18時32分 
I realy want to know the answer of THIS one
7`ElEVEN 2012年10月30日 17時15分 
Does anyone know? I need to know ASAP plz :)
Aldo the Apache 2012年11月3日 21時30分 
i got the zombie model but i couldnt get the skin
最近の変更はAldo the Apacheが行いました; 2012年11月4日 11時43分
7`ElEVEN 2012年11月4日 4時16分 
How many skins do you have for the spy? I have 25, 22 being zombie red and 23 being zombie blue.
skyace65 2012年11月4日 9時49分 
I dont get why valve just dosent build more of this stuff in. i can understand employees chosing what they work on but come on i would have thought they would want to do this a bit more than just releasing it, they havnt added counter strike GO support, L4D2 support hell they still havnt added in official support for the MvM maps
Aldo the Apache 2012年11月4日 11時44分 
7`ELEVEN の投稿を引用:
How many skins do you have for the spy? I have 25, 22 being zombie red and 23 being zombie blue.
sorry, i meant i couldn't get any of the skins
Aldo the Apache 2012年11月18日 13時47分 
Is anyone listning to me?
7`ElEVEN 2012年11月18日 18時04分 
I just copied the entire materials/models and models folders out of the root folder and copied all the files into sfm.
Aldo the Apache 2012年11月19日 19時07分 
what's th root folder?
Pte Jack 2012年11月19日 21時54分 
It would be nice if SFM linked to installed games and pulled from there, rather than having to copy everything into folders or usermod. I guess it's all about redundancy and how much work one wants to put into pulling models and materials.
7`ElEVEN 2012年11月20日 5時34分 
the root folder is in steam/steamapps/team fortress 2.gcf you have to open it with gcfscape
Aldo the Apache 2012年11月29日 10時49分 
why isn't it working!??
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