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Ryan James 10 okt 2012 om 4:19vm
I can't load maps!!
I just started using Source Filmmaker for the first time, and I saw all the tutorials on YouTube, and followed the steps, and the first thing I did was try to load a map, and instead of showing a map list, it showed an error saying "No Document available. You can not load a map without a document." What's the problem with it? It's fully up to date. I just don't get it. Many people already created many hilarious YouTube videos with it. And I have "The Orange Box" and "Portal 2" and "Half-Life 2: Deathmatch", and lots of mods, including "Black Mesa" and "Obsidian Conflict", and dozens of other mods, and this Source Filmmaker thinks I have no maps. Please help. Thanks.
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Krofko 28 mei 2013 om 10:19vm 
that happened to me as well i just started and then it wroted this
[LORDE]The Doctor - Doctor Who? 1 jun 2013 om 6:01nm 
This has an easy fix, all you need to do, is... wait. When it stops responding after you load the map, just wait a few hours, leave it there, then it'll load!
raptornx01 1 jun 2013 om 6:28nm 
it's possible you are missing the gameinfo.txt file that tells sfm what folders to look into.

Try running the source sdk one time. in your steam library click to run sfm but instead of launch sfm click launch sdk. it'll bring up a menu asking if you want to run hammer, the model viewer, sfm, etc. you can click on hammer, or the model viewer to be safe. when whatever loads up, assuming it didn't crash (sdk has been buggy for some people recently, but it doesn't matter for what you are doing.) just quit. then try sfm again.

also, having those other games means nothing. sfm runs on its own. in it's own folders. it comes with a bunch of tf2 and half life stuff but it's separate from those games. infact if you want anything from those games you have to put them IN the sfm folders for it to work. (and often have to convert them as well to work right)
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TheSpyCrap 11 okt 2013 om 9:53vm 
Didn't work for me
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AxeWorld 6 apr om 3:25nm 
You didn't create a new session.
AxeWorld 6 apr om 3:26nm 
I just realised that this is a post that's almost 2 years old
TheSpyCrap 6 apr om 4:07nm 
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