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Agent 2012年9月8日上午11:55
How to add Physics on SFM
hey guys im creating a scene where the sniper shoots a chair and the chair falls down to the ground,however i have tryed to create this effect using the motion editor and my results were terrible,is there anyway to insert physics into the model and create the proper "fall" effect?
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Tony Burback 2012年9月8日下午3:29 
zerofiftyone 2012年9月8日下午4:39 
Nope. I'm afraid there's no way to simulate physics (using only SFM).
:V 2012年9月8日下午4:43 
Why not make the sniper shoot it in sfm and then record the chair falling in Garry'smod or something?
zerofiftyone 2012年9月8日下午4:52 
引用自 4g3nt
i have tryed to create this effect using the motion editor
I think that may be your problem. Precise keyframing is best done in the graph editor. I think you'll have better results if you give it a try using this method.
Agent 2012年9月8日下午5:37 
Thank you all for helping me,i will definately try the graph editor to simulate the physics effect,now i think valve should enable physics on the SFM,that would make things much easier
raptornx01 2013年5月8日上午10:04 
yeah, we have the sfmphys script now for stuff like that. though considering the age of this thread I doubt it will help now XD
Djinn ** 2013年5月13日下午4:23 
hello raptornx01 can you give me some informations about this script ? :) i'm curious
Pte Jack 2013年5月13日下午8:56 
raptornx01 2013年5月19日下午10:02 
Put up a tutorial on it. may help some people.
Pte Jack 2013年5月20日上午4:57 
@ Raptorn,

Excellent tut on Physics... One question though, not sure if it was an oversight, if I might have missed it or if it is still a requirement to run SFMPhys...

Do you still require bulletserver.exe running in the background or is it integrated into the script now?
raptornx01 2013年5月20日下午1:24 
They upgraded the script, the new version doesn't need bulletserver.

the downside is that anything previously rigged with the older version won't work anymore and needs to be re-rigged.
Pte Jack 2013年5月20日下午2:05 
Doh, of course!!!!
raptornx01 2013年5月20日下午2:17 
Yeah, why do you think I didn't use any of the existing models in my example? I had intended to show what happen if you set all the bales shape to sphere, but i didn't feel like re-rigging 50 models.
最后由 raptornx01 编辑于; 2013年5月20日下午2:17
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