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Ass_Monger 6 sep 2012 om 9:34vm
SFM for Windows XP
Would this even be possible, I'd love to use SFM but can't at the moment. Would it be possible to make it for XP
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Tleno 6 sep 2012 om 9:46vm 
WHAT?! I tested it myself and it seems t work on XP... at least to me!
Ass_Monger 6 sep 2012 om 10:14vm 
When did you try it?
Harvey 6 sep 2012 om 10:36vm 
and for mac
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Spectral_Wolf 6 sep 2012 om 12:14nm 
Well for me it worked. My only problem was that I don't really have free space on my winchester anymore so I had to uninstall it.
T@cskó.exe 9 sep 2012 om 12:50nm 
It runs perfect for me on XP
Mr.Ricardo 22 mei 2013 om 4:18nm 
My's doesn't even bring up a loading screen!It just crashes on it's self as soon as I load it up.
Squid (The Interloper) 22 mei 2013 om 6:50nm 
It works fine on XP.
Lazaro 23 mei 2013 om 1:35vm 
Dosen't SFM use unique Dircect3D10&11 features? The FAQ says Vista or Newer is required. I never knew Direct3D10 is also on XP?
GS96|GamerChick 23 mei 2013 om 2:39nm 
XP goes up to dx10 I think.The main thing is if your pc is powerful enough to run SFM. You need a halfway decent cpu and gpu for rendering in SFM.
R234 23 mei 2013 om 2:47nm 
XP goes up to DX9.0c, but SFM runs on Source Engine, which doesn't even support DX10-11 features, so theoretically it could work on XP. The fact it isn't listed in the store page most likely means they don't officially support it, meaning it could be buggy on XP.
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