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TheOverhuman 2012年8月28日上午3:42
Source Filmmaker Not Responding after launch
Hey everyone, I've just installed Source Filmmaker. I go to launch the game (Play Source Filmmaker) and a window pops up. Inside is the logo for SFM and the words "Source Filmmaker". In the bottom right corner the words "Loading" appear. However, once I get impatient and click the SFM window's screen, the screen of SFM fades to white, and the words "Source Filmmaker [Not Responding]" appear at the top of the window.

Also, I'm using Windows 7 and I'm pretty sure I'm within necessary specs.
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opino72 2012年9月23日上午8:23 
J'ai le même problème! HELP!!!
Asclepius ʲᵃᵐ 2012年10月12日上午8:00 
^^Same problem.
car 2012年10月14日上午8:44 
car 2012年10月14日上午10:48 
I'm having the same problem, the fix I found so far was to delete the game\usermod\elements\Sessions folder, however you cant ever save your stuff that way
TheOverhuman 2012年10月15日下午3:31 
Well, GOD OF TROLLDOM if that works for you, good, but I can't say that that's a very good way of solving the issue.
car 2012年10月16日下午1:40 
引用自 WFKS TheOverhuman
Well, GOD OF TROLLDOM if that works for you, good, but I can't say that that's a very good way of solving the issue.
sorry. it was just a simple solution so you can participate in the saxxy's. i was just trying to give a temp. solution. and of course, it doesnt solve the problem. if you want more help, why not help ME figure out the solution. dont critisize something if you already see i know its not a good solution. you asked for help.
car 2012年10月16日下午2:13 


Click the Windows Orb (Start Button), and type "Regedit" in the "Run" field.
If you're asked to give permission to allow it to run, say yes.
Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Valve, SourceFilmmaker
Right-click "NewSessionWizard" and select "Export" (this is to save your settings just in case). Save the file somewhere you can find it.ight-click "NewSessionWizard" and select "Delete". Confirm you wish to delete it. then ur good :D
TheOverhuman 2012年10月17日上午9:50 
I can't find the "NewSessionWizard" (see related pic), but all your others steps led me to the right place. If this works, and we can find the NewSessionWizard, a thousand blessings upon you!
最后由 TheOverhuman 编辑于; 2012年10月17日上午9:50
car 2012年10月17日下午12:43 
im pretty sure you have to open the "(default)" file.
最后由 car 编辑于; 2012年10月17日下午12:46
TheOverhuman 2012年10月17日下午2:49 
Nope, not seeing it:
car 2012年10月27日下午1:17 
sorry :(
car 2012年10月27日下午1:18 
look for a readme file and delete it.
thats plan B
yacabo 2012年11月12日下午1:01 
I am DIEING to get back on, I made a video that I am crazy about
yacabo 2012年11月12日下午1:18 
Plan A didn't work, I'm trying plan B
yacabo 2012年11月12日下午1:22 
i deleted the one in the place were you save your work, That didn't work
Which readme are you talking about I saw at least 30
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