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Beginners (but not a N00b) 2013年10月4日上午6:24
Can't load a single Map
Heyo SFM-Pros.

I got a Problem (because im a SFM Noob):
I can't load a single map. I press the normal "CTRL + L" and choose my map but it doesn't load.
I need help.
Can somebody help me please? D:
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Gnome Compsci 2013年10月4日上午7:15 
Give us some more information to work with.
After selecting and confirming, does the loading screen appear or does it go straight back to the “no map loaded” text?
Did it work before or is this your first time loading a map?
Beginners (but not a N00b) 2013年10月4日上午7:21 
I just see a big black screen and in the left corner (up) Some clickable things (like Windows, etc.)
but not that screen with "no map loaded"
Gnome Compsci 2013年10月4日上午7:32 
Wait, does SFM even start up properly? I'm afraid I don't really understand what you're saying.
Can you take a screenshot?
Handsome Jack 2013年10月4日上午8:06 
maybe trying to re-install SFM?
Gnome Compsci 2013年10月4日上午9:10 
That is not what the recent versions of SFM should look like… What happens if you press F11?
Have you tried running it via the SDK? There's bound to be an “about” option with version information somewhere, look for that.
Beginners (but not a N00b) 2013年10月4日上午9:29 
Every time i start SFM its like that. No diffrent if i start as SDK or normal. Option say i have the normal version
Gnome Compsci 2013年10月4日上午9:49 
By normal version you mean v0.9.8.1?
Pte Jack 2013年10月4日上午11:26 
That looks like the engine screen,
Use this guide to fix it
Beginners (but not a N00b) 2013年10月4日下午2:13 
Thank you Jack! Helped me very much :D
Next time i should check out the guides before i spam my problems here :D
Pte Jack 2013年10月4日下午10:09 
Nah, common mistake... Everyone makes it when first starting out...
damn Pte, your making SFM a very usable commercial product with all these guides.
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