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Costa-Costa-RICA! 2013年10月3日下午4:58
Weird Mouth for Black Mesa Models
Ok so I'm messing with SFM and some Black Mesa models when I noticed that on most human models, their mouths are like orangish for some reason. The background is something I can fix but the mouth I can't HELP???
最后由 Costa-Costa-RICA! 编辑于; 2013年10月3日下午4:59
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Puzzler 2013年10月9日上午8:32 
Check .vmt files. There may be problem when you import them inside SFM.
Costa-Costa-RICA! 2013年10月11日下午3:55 
But which file? There are like Millions of them!
Puzzler 2013年10月12日上午7:54 
"some Black Mesa models" - Do you ask me about choosing .vmt? How could I know which models do you mean? I don't know, and as the result I don't know which .vmt do you need.
Costa-Costa-RICA! 2013年10月12日上午8:31 
So far, all of the male models have it. The female scientists don't have it. But the males do. I can show you an example video I did.
最后由 Costa-Costa-RICA! 编辑于; 2013年10月12日上午8:32
Puzzler 2013年10月12日上午8:48 
Yeah, seems like some textures are missed. The names of textures usualy have names of models. Try to open it with "vmtedit"(or smth like that) and fix. If it isn't problem of textures, then I can help, but first check .vmt-s. Good luck
R234 2013年10月12日下午4:40 
Missing textures would turn out black and pink checkered. That's likely a compatibility issue between the model and the version of Source SFM runs on. I've had similar blotches of colour on some Gmod models I imported in SFM.

So, short of decompiling and recompiling the model in SFM's SDK version, I'm afraid there's not much you can do.
Costa-Costa-RICA! 2013年10月12日下午8:19 
There's a strange thing with it though. I didn't have it when I made a film before that. For a day or 2, it was fine, them it appeared on the guy's mouth.
Puzzler 2013年10月13日上午12:07 
Well, it reminds me medic's gasmask from tf2. May be it depends on lightning setups.
Anyway, if you don't find answer, I have one. But you need to know RGB code of that color of mouth. I mean fixing with overlay color correction.
Puzzler 2013年10月16日上午7:21 
i'm trying to fix it and now I've almost done it.
最后由 Puzzler 编辑于; 2013年10月16日上午7:21
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