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LasorGamer 2013. okt. 3. @ du. 4:17
Never Ever figure out how to bring everything back to normal?
My name is LasorGamer as you can tell and I had acciedently press the x button on the model animation bar and now its GONE!!! but with a help of a hotkey I still tried to make videos
so what about you?
did you have a problem?
one that can not be fixed?
but you figured it out?
put your comments in this discussion
and I would like to see some good problems
maybe even I could sovle them for you!!!
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The Resonte! 2013. okt. 3. @ du. 4:29 
i don't really think you can solve issues if you can't even spell the word
raptornx01 2013. okt. 3. @ du. 5:16 
try going to windows on the top of the screen, then layout, then default layout.
LasorGamer 2013. okt. 3. @ du. 10:44 
I said I can use it using hotkey (F4)
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