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Carlh267 2013年10月3日 15時46分
Need help editing a TF2 map for SFM
Hi guys,

Since the saxxies were just announced I figured I might as well get a start on another SFM project. However, the project requires that I edit a tiny portion of cp_coldfront to work.

Basically, I need the chairs removed from the spawn points behind both final capture points on the map, as well as the items on the tables. I'm not tech savvy and my attempts to do it myself in Hammer have been unsuccessful. Upon converting the map into a .bsp again and loading the map into SFM I keep getting an error saying that the map won't render properly because the map is missing high dynamic range (HDR) lightmaps. Beause of this the map ends up looking awful despite the right props being removed as intended.

If anyone could just upload a .bsp file removing the chairs around the tables and the items on the tables of the 2 spawn points in coldfront, it would be very much appreciated.
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SamSpielberg 2013年10月3日 17時27分 
One thing you could do is turn off World Static Props in the map in SFM. Right click the view port and click Draw Game Entities and uncheck World Static Props. This will rid the entire map of static props, however, but I just tested it and doing so does removes the chairs.
Carlh267 2013年10月3日 17時33分 
Thanks, I'll test this out
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