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muszti86 2013年10月3日 12時34分
How to add Day Of Defeat character to F11 Game Window?
How to change the game menu and characters in F11 Game window from TF to DOD or anything else?
Can I put a non rigged non animated model in game window?
Or if i have only the human model rigged and animated, can i put it in F11 Game mode?
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R234 2013年10月3日 15時33分 
Nope, only TF2 is supported for game mode.
Keepon 2013年10月4日 4時34分 
if you REEEALLY want to use those models in game mode(aka f11), try this, but i'm not sure if any animation would appear on them.
muszti86 2013年10月4日 15時36分 
Uhhm... sure. I'd really like to.
Thanks for the link. (Y)
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