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TGC.Weezer 2013年10月1日 17時50分
Moter Cycle model?
Atleast 1 big enough for the heavy but any will do thx
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Puzzler 2013年10月2日 9時59分 
Tro to do do it from in-game parts. Use parts of turrets and rocket launchers(TF2), and other stuff from other games, and you could do it by yourself.
Like here(at 4:50)
Gnome Compsci 2013年10月2日 10時48分 
Use google pls.
Making one yourself like puzzler suggested is a brilliant idea though. Would make your video/poster really stand out from the rest.
Puzzler 2013年10月2日 11時02分 
Thank you, Gnome Compsci, and I thought it is correct to write "motorcycle", isn't it?
Puzzler 2013年10月3日 10時58分 
Raptor, you are more rational, yes. But there not always will be ready model to use. I tried to show what to do in this cases...But this link is also good choice.
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Source Filmmaker > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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