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AlvaraHUN 2013년 10월 1일 오전 9시 05분
Help! I need MicroVolts characters model !
I need MicroVolts characters but i can't make models. Please if you have, comment the link...
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Puzzler 2013년 10월 2일 오전 10시 01분 
Eh...Excuse me, what do you mean when say "MicroVolts"???
AlvaraHUN 2013년 10월 2일 오전 10시 27분 
the online game
Gnome Compsci 2013년 10월 2일 오전 11시 08분 
Google will probably be able to help you more than we can.
A quick google tells me that you'll probably have to do some work yourself. The models from the game can be extracted but will have to be modified or converted to work properly in SFM. If you take some time to learn how I'm sure you can do it though, there are plenty of free tools available for the job.
Puzzler 2013년 10월 2일 오전 11시 11분 
I know no way to extract them from the game files. Sorry. You need some stuff that can do it.
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