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the insane medic 2013年10月1日上午12:11
gameinfo.txt mod
It seems that I have a mod made, but I never click make a mode and now it says that the gameinfo.txt is missing. Please help. [Forgive the horrendous spelling from before. My little brother doesn't know what spell check is.]
最后由 the insane medic 编辑于; 2013年10月1日上午6:33
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The Resonte! 2013年10月1日上午4:31 
someone translate this for me
IthinkSteve 2013年10月1日上午5:07 
He's trying to communicate
the insane medic 2013年10月1日上午6:34 
u-u Please forgive the spelling. My brat of a brother can't bother to spell correctly and it makes me look bad.
raptornx01 2013年10月1日上午7:19 
Try running the sdk.

in steam library. double click sfm, when it asks launch sfm or sdk, select sdk.

that should be enough.
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