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nognade 2013年9月30日下午7:13
Change DEFAULT weighted/unweighted tangents
Weighted tangents seem to be some sort of default.

I prefer to work with all unweighted tangents, I find it to be a more controlled, reliable way of working.

Whenever I save my project and close, then open again on another day, all my unweighted tangents have changed to weighted tangents again. Which can result in some strange misbehaving splines looping and bumping around in places I previously had smoothed and polished nicely.

Using the little buttons on the timeline for it will change the keys I have selected at that time, but does not seem to set that as the default from there forth. I am tired of seing my polished splines get ruined by this change everytime I open my project.

Suggestions? Or is this a bug?
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The Resonte! 2013年10月1日下午1:28 
the only way to fix it is obviously to NEVER CLOSE YOUR PROJECT
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