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(IN A BIIIG HURRY PLEASE RESPOND) Can you hide certain parts of a model without hiding all of it
For my american sign language class we have to draw or print a picture with our names spelled in sign language and stuff we like on it the sniper hand used in more gun is a left hand and i need a right. the gibs aren't aposeable is there a way I can use models and just hide everything except the right hands?
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R234 2013. szept. 29. @ du. 2:42 
There's a simple enough way if you want to use the Soldier or Demoman viewmodel arms (c_soldier_arms.mdl and c_demo_arms.mdl respectively).

Import the model, then right-click its animation set, and click Add Override Materials. Right-click it again, go to Show in Element Viewer > Model. Once in the Element Viewer, expand the Materials array, and look for the sleeve texture (it's soldier_sleeves_red if you used the Soldier arms, or demoman_red if you used the Demo arms). Right-click it, go to Add Attribute > float. Call the new attribute $alpha.

Adding it should instantly turn the sleeves invisible. You can then manipulate the hands all you want. If you don't need the left hand, just move it off-camera.
[#WN]LUNDAYY 2013. szept. 29. @ du. 4:41 
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