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No bms stuff?
so i got bms in steam and imported into sfm, but when i go to create a animationset i the stuff is all invisible
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Models may not be in the proper folder
they are in the sfm/game/bms folder
did you add the game bms statement to your gameinfo searchpaths area?
so the paths to your stuff are game\bms\models and game\bms\materials\models
1 -yes i did
i added maps , particles , materials, models resource, scenes scripts and sound (all in bms folder ) and putted it in sfm
you actually dont need to copy anything over to SFM to use BMS assets, because its already a source mod (i.e. installed in your apps folder) you can just add this to your gameinfo.txt:
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Показані коментарі 17 із 7
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