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Puzzler 2013年9月27日 10時58分
Models in particle editor looks gray...What to do?
When I render model in Particle editor and add texture model looks...grayish? It is almost OK, but there is gray shape. What to do?
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Sarsour 2013年9月29日 10時29分 
Try making a thread on about it, cant figure it out.
R234 2013年9月29日 13時28分 
There's no way to fix that, it's due to the way the editor's viewport renders stuff.
Sarsour 2013年9月30日 7時55分 
So it looks fine in the export render but not in the viewport?
raptornx01 2013年9月30日 8時19分 
it looks fine in the regular viewport and the render, but not in the particle editor viewport itself.
Puzzler 2013年9月30日 10時07分 
Thank you for help, but why some particles looks OK but mine not?
最近の変更はPuzzlerが行いました; 2013年9月30日 10時08分
Puzzler 2013年9月30日 10時09分 
And, when I'm in viewport it doesn't appears.
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