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NekitTheRagdoll 17 сен, 2013 @ 13:26
The Annoying "rootTransform" Thingy
Well as long as I move objects I want, they keep their rootTransform at their spawn. Let's talk about walkcycle for e.g: I create object, I move it, I animate it, and now the rootTransform is 3 miles away from the body, and when I accidantly rotate it the main body goes elsewhere. I know that the "root" is root and you can't delete it or lock it to something. Is there a way to rewrite script so that the root's position is equal to pelvis whenever you move the pelvis or something, or is there any other way to get rid of paranoia?
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Pte Joe 17 сен, 2013 @ 13:32 
Have you tried locking the root transform to the (say bip_head) and zeroing the playhead on the root transform... (Not sure if this will work, I haven't tried it out yet)
NekitTheRagdoll 17 сен, 2013 @ 13:38 
Well, root cannot depend on an object lower than it, theoritical and practical (tried that long ago)
Pte Joe 17 сен, 2013 @ 13:49 
Right, sorry, forgot that... Doh!
Sarsour 17 сен, 2013 @ 14:01 
It means the actual roottransform bone is not weighted to the mesh or model. You will have to go into the rig_biped_simple and change the heirarchy (if your using an IK rig)
or will have to add $hierarchy (child bone) (parent bone) to the qc file according to which bones you wanna set as the parent from the SMD file and recompile it but the second method is way more complicated cos it required decompiling and what not (unless you already have the smd's)

There might be a simpler quicker way, but I currently dont know.
Nerp 17 сен, 2013 @ 16:54 
The way I do walking is just have them walking in place, after you're done, move the rootTransform.

Found a good example:
NekitTheRagdoll 18 сен, 2013 @ 6:36 
Well It's not my style, since those legs does not synchronise with the ground step...
Nerp 18 сен, 2013 @ 12:20 
That's totally fine if you do it that way.
But that's just how it's done, otherwise the problem you're having would be everywhere.
R234 18 сен, 2013 @ 19:51 
How about locking the hands and feet (and perhaps knees and elbows too) to the world, and using roottransform to move the character forward? That oughta work.
NekitTheRagdoll 19 сен, 2013 @ 5:16 
Изначально опубликовано R234:
How about locking the hands and feet (and perhaps knees and elbows too) to the world, and using roottransform to move the character forward? That oughta work.
That's a very good idea, but it actually takes some time, and I'm a very confused if I do it...
Psi 19 сен, 2013 @ 9:27 
i'm confused about what the problem is because my methods for animating must be different. Is it because you use the root transform to move the whole model? And that's why it's a problem that it ends up being so far away? I can see how that would be annoying.

I never use the roottransform so it's not an issue for me. I always just grab the model by the pelvis when i want to move it especiaily since you pretty much always have to be giving some motion to the hips anyway otherwise your animation looks stiff.
Nerp 19 сен, 2013 @ 11:48 
I believe his problem is that he is moving the pelvis away from the root, I use to do this aswell and I can see why it was a pain. 'Cause when you turn the pelvis, everything looks wonky and you have more work to do.

You can drag the pelvis a tiny bit, but it's always best to keep them with their root.
When animating video games or movies, you must keep the model in place. It's all about your timing.
NekitTheRagdoll 19 сен, 2013 @ 12:15 
OK, you try to move the whole scout away from the root far, then try to rotate the root. The scout's placement just screwed up, and that is my problem
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