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sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午6:34
Whenever i try to, example put the scout bip_head
to a scout hats bip_head, i cannot drag the scout bip_head, i can't move the scout model itself in the animation set editor..
Someone help me please.
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Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午6:48 
Did you watch the tutorial I sent you?
sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午6:51 
引用自 Sarsour
Did you watch the tutorial I sent you?

I know that already, i've been using SFM for quite a while now.
But it doesn't LET me lock, anything.
Or drag anything in the animation set editor for that matter.
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午6:56 
can you screenshot your session for me in the same state as before your trying to drag it and paste it here
then give me the link here so I can see whatsup
最后由 Sarsour 编辑于; 2013年9月17日上午6:56
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午6:57 
Have the scouts animation set expanded with all the bones and locks showing so I can see if its anything to do with that.
sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午6:59 
I can record it real quick and upload it, then send you link.
That might show you it abit better.
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午7:00 
alright sure
sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午7:06
It looks like im not doing anything, but i'm dragging with my mouse towards the other bip_head.
And it's not working
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午7:17 
Is it the same with all the other models?
sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午7:26 
引用自 Sarsour
Is it the same with all the other models?
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午7:27 
Ill let the helpful guys on here check your post out when and if theyre online, post it up on
sdJESUS 2013年9月17日上午8:08 
Problem solved, thanks anway.
I tried restarting my PC.
it was something with my PC, apparently, no idea what.
Sarsour 2013年9月17日上午8:48 
alright dude, glad it worked.
Pte Jack 2013年9月17日上午9:32 
You my have missed a client or SFM update or got one that needed a reboot in order to refresh everything.
最后由 Pte Jack 编辑于; 2013年9月17日上午9:32
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