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Freeman 2013年9月16日 10時30分
Workshop models for SFM
How do I use some models from workshop for SFM? Like Dota 2, TF or CS:GO items or maps. Is this even legal?
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Sarsour 2013年9月16日 10時40分 
I believe you have to click on subscribe to start downloading them.
It's legal as long as your not using them commercially. (otherwise, ask for permission)
Pte Joe 2013年9月16日 13時05分 
Depends on how you use them. If they are a registered trademark, then use them for your own personal stuff, DO NOT use them for personal gain.

As Sarsour says, subscribe to a Workshop Item, it will download to your SFM folders, you then search for them in SFM as you would for any other model.
Freeman 2013年9月16日 20時33分 
Yeah, but there's in games like Dota or TF only "Add to collection" button.
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