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CaPtAiN SpAmMeR 2013年9月16日 4時33分
.3DS .igs .dwg .step to Source Filmmaker
I'm triying to convert a model from Solid works or Inventor to Source Filmmaker.

I'm trully lost. But i dont need to pass any texture or ragdoll. The models that i want to convert ar solid and static ones, like for example, bolts, nuts, chairs, furniture. The point is that i want to interact with the models in Garrys Mod and also on the Filmmaker.

I dont know wich format is the requested for this issue. SFM or Vtx or i dunno...

I know that perhaps i will have to pass the models to 3ds and aply phisics and re-shape-it.
But thats ok.

Thanks for your time

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raptornx01 2013年9月16日 6時03分 
if you can get them into maya or blender, then there a number of tutorials in getting them from there into sfm/gmod.
CaPtAiN SpAmMeR 2013年9月16日 8時44分 
Ok i will try
Pte Joe 2013年9月16日 13時10分 
Pretty much the same process as this, except you need the Blender Plug ins for the model type you're trying to import...
CaPtAiN SpAmMeR 2013年9月16日 14時04分 
Thanks mate
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