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Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午8:59
Как я в конечном итоге в русской Клиент Профиль - Решено.
Я не говорю по России ... Как это исправить?

Я должен был Перезапустите Steam, чтобы исправить это!
最后由 Pte Jack 编辑于; 2013年9月17日下午12:16
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Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午9:36 
yes everything in steam for me is in russian right now, including your post ( but not anyone elses) ...restarting.
最后由 Sarsour 编辑于; 2013年9月14日上午9:36
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午9:38 
Yes, I wrote that in Russian using Google translate.

It reads...

How I ended up in the Russian Client Profile - Fixed
I do not speak Russian ... How to fix it?

I had to restart Steam, to fix it!
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午9:40 
haha i realised, used google to bring it back to english :P
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午9:43 
I think they are making changes again, the only way I can access the community is by coming in through subscribes discussions
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午9:44 
changes are good right? I love it when they're active on doing things I don't really pay for!
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午9:49 
Well, I think the workshop update a model process is broken again... Now I'm getting Quota errors for the stuff I'm trying to update, which means "I QUIT" if they don't fix it.
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午9:52 
Thankfully my workshop is Blender. I await a day when I will require something from the steam workshop, even then I will need to take permission to use it in a commercial video.
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午9:53 
though. I still need to learn how to make custom particles for source in blender
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午9:55 
I'll have my XNA-Blender-SFM tutorial finished soon. Camtasia screwed up on me with their latest update and the video is not at my regular quality. But I'm going to use it anyway...
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午9:56 
Why particles in Blender... Use the SFM Particle editor...
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午10:01 
Yea. but the matierials for the particles in sfm and hammer are valve content ( well to be honest I still dont know how the particles technically work) but I need to make a dust particles in the air within hammer, and I need to also make a small lawn of grass that will slightly move with the wind, and I saw this one tutorial a while back (cant find it now) where the guy imports a reed of grass he made into the sfm particle editor and multiplies it and makes it move as though being blown by the wind.
最后由 Sarsour 编辑于; 2013年9月14日上午10:03
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午10:02 
and btw. there is a new screencast/video capture software on the steam store that might be interesting to you... a bit pricey if you ask me though.
Pte Jack 2013年9月14日上午10:43 
That's another great vid by Zack. The only thing you would need blender for is to make the wheat model, if it doesn't already exist somewhere.

As for the SCT, Camtasia cost me plenty, I have no more room for utilities right now.
最后由 Pte Jack 编辑于; 2013年9月14日上午10:48
Sarsour 2013年9月14日上午10:47 
Yeah, I last watched the video way before I learned to import models into SFM. Now that I watch the video again I realise its actually as simple as making it in Blender.
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